3M products (2080 & 1080)

Quality paired with durability 3M vinly wrap is a S class product. Offering a variety of vibrant shades, hues and colors. 3M vinyl has excellent durability and the best among its competitors. Offering the most ultramodern and technologically advanced controlac and cast wraps.

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  • Dev Kai

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  • Keshawn Lenton

    Owner and operator of stay dangerous media. If you’re looking for a logo, letters or commercial design he specializes in that department. 5 year’s experience with photoshop. Link below under construction



Frequently asked questions

How long do vinyl wraps last

3M warranty’s they’re wraps 3-4 years horizontal and 5-7 years vertical. Some wraps are directional and can only be applied a horizontal.

How to clean vinly wrap

Non abrasive soaps and rags. No pressure washers over 2000 psi. It’s also recommend to use 3M® Car Wash Soap 39000 Advance to the link for full description

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Passing pre-inspection

Vehicle must be free of loose paint, Dents, rough surfaces, fillers used for damage, rust or blister paint. Areas where water can collect which are more likely to rust, resulting in paint adhesion problems. Primer which does not outgas, may be applied to bad paint spots on the vehicle to prepare it for another graphic wrap. However, this must still be considered a problem area and must be documented on pre-installation inspection record.

Signs to remove your wrap

Once you start to notice cracking fading or peeling or lifting on high traffic areas like the hood or roof areas that receive the most sunlight. It’s best to remove in 4-5 years to prevent adhesive damage to the paint.